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 DENTAS d.o.o.

Cesta k Tamu 70
2000 Maribor

Tel:  ++386 2 618 56 20
Fax: ++386 2 618 56 21

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Skype: dentas123


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dentalwave-mThe dentawave® dental laser device fully satisfies all the requirements demanded of dental lasers by dentists. Of compact size, the dentawave® provides two different laser mode options at two different wavelengths. Uniquely, the dentawave® combines a power and soft laser system in a single, hand-held device which is both portable and compact, and is thus a pathbreaking aid to state-of-the-art dental treatment using laser technology. Because of the specific effect on oral tissue achieved by featuring two wavelength options (980 nm and 660 nm), dentawave® is the ideal tool for application in soft tissue surgery and photothermic disinfection. dentawave® is a unique, high-performance and flexible laser tool for application in a wide range of dental treatments. These are the benefits provides by the dentawave® laser system:

  • 2 laser modes, 2 wavelengths
  • Device features fast switching between power laser or soft laser treatment mode
  • Ready for use in seconds
  • Compact design (21 x 12 x 8 cm) for low storage space requirement and mobility in application
  • Engineered to be functional, ergonomic and timeless
  • Controlled via easy-to-follow menus on a color touch-screen
  • Preprogrammed application software
  • Slimline pen-shaped hand-piece allowing easy access to parts of the mouth otherwise generally difficult to access
  • Hand-piece and fiber can both be placed in an autoclave
  • Magnetic holder ensures safe placing of the hand-piece
  • Wireless foot switch
  • High-end rechargeable battery is good for repeated use
  • Universal battery recharger can simultaneously recharge the foot switch and the device itself

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