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liqui-drill-mHYDRO-AIR CARVER is used in dental laboratories; it is a compact turbine made of alloy steel, having a light handle for precise and fine working of zirconium, titanium or ceramic materials. HYDRO AIR CARVER is a precise tool with built in pump spray capable of dispersing a mixture of air and water across the working surface. The cooling effect of the spray has a positive impact on the life time of the product itself. The on/off switch of the pump spray is positioned on the handle. The drilled waste material is simply eliminated by (Chip) blow-off. High rotation moment allows working at high pressure. Precise directing of the pump spray is adjusted by two regulators.

High rotation moment ensures operating at high pressure. Hydro Air Carver turbine is distinguished by the precision of the rotating axis.
Hydro Air Carver is distinguished by its compact alloy steel housing, high quality treatment and modern design.


Width 190 mm
Height 165 mm
Length 150 mm