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We are proud to present our new product
Arrow Mill SIRIO

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The Arrow Mill Beluga machine provides high quality surface treatment and a high level of flexibility and productivity. With this 5-axial CNC machine a wide range of materials used in dentisrty (PMMA, CrCo, titanium, zirconia, glass ceramics) can be treated with highest precision.


  • Working area: X:150, Y200, Z:70, A: 360°, B:25+-
  • Axes: 5-axial simultaneous operation with an automatic tool exchange (capacity up to 18 tools)
  • Exceptional dynamics – axis speed up to 10m/min (F 10 000)
  • Minimum resolution 0,001mm
  • Automatic tool measuring
  • Spindle: high frequency spindle (Jaeger 300 to 60.000rpm); max. Power 1,6kW; mounting system WK6°-1/ER11; tools diameter up to 6mm
  • Wet or dry treatment
  • Instant dust extraction during machining of zirconia
  • Cooling system 21 l/min
  • Power supply: 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Air min. 6bar at 120 l/min
  • Machine is equipped with wheels for easy transportation and positioning
  • Operating status is indicated by a LED lamp inside the working chamber
  • Cast steel basis for minimum vibrations during operation

Our advantages:

  • High quality, exclusion of human factor, operating that meets the newest demands (speed, precision, compatibility)
  • Extremely favourable ratio between the price and quality
  • Only standard electrical inlet and compressed air supply needed for operation
  • Compact, space saving and mobile
  • Built-in cooling system, no additional water supply needed
  • Automatically operated extraction system
  • Multilevel user interface
  • Remote support and service possibility
  • Auto switch off feature of vital functions after the end of machining


Width 760 mm
Height 1600 mm
Length 1080 mm
Weight 450 kg