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Arrow metal printing

3D printer m We are proud to present our metal 3D printing device, Arrow metal printing. This machine is specifically built for production of dental prosthetic restorations. Because of this diameter of laser focal point of only 35 µm. Crowns, bridges and removable prosthesis are made from high quality Cobalt Chromium metal powder. It is possible to use also gold, aluminum, copper and tool steel powders so the machine can be used also in the jewellery production and industry.
The operation principle is quite simple and easy to understand. 3D model (of crown or bridge for example) is prepared by special software into many layers or so called slices.
With high power built in laser, the machine melts metal powder into specific 2 dimensional shape. By adding next layer of metal powder and consecutive laser melting into specific shape we gradually add more and more layers (the standard layer thickness is 25 µm) until whole object is printed.


  • Building volume 90 x 90 x 70 mm3 (X, Y, Z)
  • Layer thickness 20 μm – 50 μm, for dental
  • Laser type Yb-fiber laser, 20 W – 100 W
  • Optical system F-theta lens; high speed scanner
  • Rated voltage 230 V/ 50-60 Hz, 16 A
  • Rated power 1,5 kW
  • Inert gas consumption approx. 50 liter/ hour
  • Inert gas connection 8 mm push-in connector / min. 1 bar
  • Weight approx. 180 kg

arrow metal printing