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We are proud to present our new product
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ARROW ZIRCONIA DISCS Ø98 mm with or without step

The discs will satisfy the client with their hardness and hydrothermal long-term resistance. Specially developed production process provides homogeneous structure. Discs are suitable for fast milling strategies and offer good stability of edges and chipping resistance during the working process. They are especially suitable for open systems.


Order No. Measures
ZA-W200 Ø98x10mm
ZA-W201 Ø98x12mm
ZA-W203 Ø98x14mm
ZA-W204 Ø98x16mm
ZA-W205 Ø98x18mm
ZA-W206 Ø98x20mm
ZA-W207 Ø98x22mm
ZA-W209 Ø98x26mm


Arrow Zirconia Discs are supplied in  A1,A2,A3,A3,5,B1,C1 colours, according to the Vita® scale. Industrially coloured discs are distinguished by the same excellent properties of the white disks but with the advantage that no shading with liquid colour is necessary as the zirconia  has already been coloured industrially. In cooperation with our supplier of raw material (Tosoh, Japan) we were able to optimize the production process and the results of colouring. No colouring necessary and no white shades during processing.


Order No. Measures
ZAC-W200 Ø98x10mm
ZAC-W201 Ø98x12mm
ZAC-W203 Ø98x14mm
ZAC-W204 Ø98x16mm
ZAC-W205 Ø98x18mm
ZAC-W206 Ø98x20mm
ZAC-W207 Ø98x22mm
ZAC-W209 Ø98x26mm

ARROW ZIRCONIA DISCS Ø98 mm translucent

Discs are characterized by high degree of translucency and their aesthetic effect. They can be used for monolithic full contour restoration without application of additional veneering ceramics.


Order No. Measures
ZATH-W200 Ø98x10mm
ZATH-W201 Ø98x12mm
ZATH-W203 Ø98x14mm
ZATH-W204 Ø98x16mm
ZATH-W205 Ø98x18mm
ZATH-W206 Ø98x20mm
ZATH-W207 Ø98x22mm
ZATH-W209 Ø98x26mm

ARROW ZIRCONIA DISCS Ø98 mm translucent, shaded in A1,A2,A3,B1,C1 colous Vita®

Discs are similar to translucent discs but already containing the base colour which additionally simplifies  working on crowns and bridges.


Order No. Measures
ZATHC-W200 Ø98x10mm
ZATHC-W201 Ø98x12mm
ZATHC-W203 Ø98x14mm
ZATHC-W204 Ø98x16mm
ZATHC-W205 Ø98x18mm
ZATHC-W206 Ø98x20mm
ZATHC-W207 Ø98x22mm
ZATHC-W209 Ø98x26mm

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